ISB Gallery is proud to present {En}Visioning Space, an exhibition that centers on the human fascination with the moon, planets, and outer space.Inspired in part by the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo Landing on the moon (July 20, 2019), the wide-ranging display includes early scientific illustrations through to 20th Century popular culture illustrations of space. Impressive NASA spacecraft design models will be on hand along with rare maps of the moon critical to the success of the Apollo program. Interactive displays of vintage viewing apparatus trace the history of looking at celestial bodies, while an installation by Venice Biennale artist China Blue translates contemporary data about Saturn’s rings into a unique multi-media installation. This exhibition is made possible through the NASA Rhode Island Space Grant and Northeast Planetary Data Center at Brown University.  

Special corresponding NASA Apollo 11 Mission themed Waterfire July 20th!!!!  The Gallery will be open 12 noon until 10 pm for this special event.  Please come by.