Internship & Professional Development Advisor - Mary Jane Begin


In my role as the Internship and Professional Development Advisor for our department, I’m responsible for helping students navigate what is often their first foray into the professional realm of Illustration. One of my key duties in this role is to review the internship application for credit to be certain it’s a worthy experience for the student. Internships aren’t merely opportunities to get expertise in an industry, but are a chance to test and learn new skills, work in a professional environment, network for future jobs and create work collaboratively.  The internship should provide a chance for students to actively learn with hands on participation. Our students have worked with all facets of the Illustration industry; from publishing giants like Little Brown and Candlewick, animation studios like Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon and Pixar to gaming companies like Blizzard Entertainment and Harmonix.  Our students expand their horizons in so many directions including fabrication at Martha Stewart Living, scientific illustration on the Poggio Civitate Archeological Project and licensing at Wild Apple Graphics.  the internships reflect the vast array of interests that our students are passionately engaged in exploring!


I work closely with Karen Harris, Internship Manager for the Career Center providing workshops to make sure that students interested in internships understand the criteria for credit, the process for application and have a general understanding of the purpose of internships in our curriculum. In addition, my role is to advise students on all aspects of their professional development by providing direct council through meeting with individuals, reviewing portfolios and websites, providing contacts through my network and advising students based on specific areas of professional interest.